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Professional Bachelor's study programme Robotics

Study Programme: Professional Bachelor's study programme (Engineer) Robotics

Awarded academic degree:  Bachelor of Engineering Sciences in Electronics and Automation

Programme specialisation: industrial robotics and autonomous robots

Languages of instruction: English, Russian, Latvian

Mode and terms of study under the programme:

  • Full-time (day and evening departments) –  4.5 years
  • Part-time –  5.5 years

Tuition Fee

Enrolment requirements: a document of general secondary education (general or special)

Complete study programme volume: 180 credit points

Practice: yes

Faculty: Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunication 

What knowledge will I obtain?

Theory of automatic control, micro-controller and industrial logic controller programming, robot device components, robot kinematics and dynamics, the artificial intellect methods in robotics, industrial robots, intellectual robots, embedded systems of autonomous robots, planning of autonomous robot actions, design of autonomous robotics devices, design of the industrial robot control programmes.

What will my job be?

An engineer in the field of industrial automation knowing how to programme industrial robots and robotic complexes as well as maintain them in proper working order, a development engineer of general-purpose autonomous robots for such areas of human activity as industrial production, power engineering, transport, healthcare, emergency rescue services, agriculture, entertainment industry, etc.

Where to continue studies?

To complete another Bachelor's programme or take a master's course.

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