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Optimisation of Latvian Transport System

Head of the Project from TSI:

Igor Kabashkin, Dr. hab.sc.ing., Prof.

Project Aims and Tasks

Programme aim is to create the bases for the development of the intelligent transport in the Latvian Republic, as well as for the implementation of the scientific research to assist the competitiveness of branches on the regional and global level and to perform the forming of the efficient and ecologically friendly multimodal transport systems.

Main Starategic Tasks:

1. to join the national, regional and international transport and general branch research, development, innovation and education programmes and projects;
2. to implement research, harmonzation of the higher education and qualification studies, transport and related branches, integration on the national and international level.


a) Transport Telematics and Logistics this direction encloses the Latvian transport, including the elaboration of the multimodal, telecommunication and information supply by the methodological base for the creation of the transport information and telecommunication supply intergated system on its base.For the development of transport multimodal system integrated model and its utilization to analyze the sources of data obtaining. With the aim to update the information to develop data reception and constant actualization methodology.

b) Transport Quality Management Systems this direction contains process (technology) management, reliability, safety and environment harmonization supply united methodological elaborations, agreed and optimized separate transport areas full value systems, efficient methods and rational principles, realizing the performance of the research in the direction of the education and qualification training integration and implementation of the multimodal and interregional transport corridor highly efficient harmonized management and quality system.

c) Transport Research and Education Harmonization it is foreseen to elaborate transport profession, speciality and professional qualification harmonized scheme and qualification descriptions, as well as education establishment quality system methods and pilot-projects.On the basis of the elaborated methods to create qualification profession and qualification education establishment accreditation system. The conformity of students of the Latvian higher school learning various specialities of the transport directions to the forecasted needs of the Latvian national economy will be modelled, and the model of the forecast of the demand of transport specialists will be elaborated.

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