New course: Computer Vision and Image Processing | TSI

New course: Computer Vision and Image Processing
Despite the fact, that computer science field related to the processing of digital images and video streams is already a decent history, in recent years this direction has evolved and become more useful in practical tasks.
Calculate the number of spruces in the picture, find 2 Euro сoin  in a whole pile of coins, find an analogue clock, determine the time and many others - all these tasks are performed by students from master programme in Computer Science within new subject ”Computer Vision & Image Processing”, developed by profesor A. Grakovski and as.profesor I. Pticina. 
The course topics are following:
Digital Image 
Image Processing and Brightness Operations; filtration and re-sampling
Morphological analysis of images
Segmentation algorithms, image view and description
Identification of objects in aerophoto-captured images
3D image reconstruction
Digital imaging techniques.
During semester, students fuldilled practical research un the frame of recognizing objects in pictures. This work was an important part of exam, because students needed not only theoretical knowledges, but also practical skils in it. Students assesed very well this course and such approach.
In the near future, it is planned to extend the course and include the video imaging techniques. 
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