Master of Social Sciences in Management. Structure of the Program

Academic Core courses

05 M 202Strategic Management46
05 M 001Pedagogics and Psychology23
05 M 004Scientific Research Methodology23
05 M 106Management of Innovation46
05 M 339Methods of Data Analysis and Business Forecasting69
M-04-ZsResearch Seminar 23
05 M 311Project Management and Financing46
05 M 355Financial Management46
05 M 358Human Resources Management & Leadership46
05 M 357International marketing and advertising46
05 M m12Master's Thesis2030

Major courses 

05 M 361Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility23
05 M 260Operations’ Research23
05 M 350Business process management and modeling46
05 M 602English for Academic Purposes23
05 M 368International Business Law and Taxation46
05 M 356Business Information Systems and Technology46
05 M 359The Global Economy and International Business Environment46


05 C 000Elective courses 23
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