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Master of Natural Sciences in Computer Science

General information

Awarded academic degree: master of Natural Sciences in Computer Science

Accreditation: until 31 December 2022

Complete study programme volume: 80 credit points

Possible forms of education and study languages:

  • Full-time – 2 years (English, Latvian)
  • Part-time – 2.5 years (English, Latvian)

Enrolment requirements: Bachelor Degree or Professional Higher Education in appropriate field.

Admission Rules


"Computing is presented in all aspects of the society, and the demand is insatiable. Emerging technologies are changing our life so quickly that there are many opportunities available for specialists in this area", Asoc.Profesor
Mihails Savrasovs
Director of the Programme

For a personality, who...

wants to develop new technologies and innovative solutions of tomorrow

curious about emerging technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Software Engineering

allways looking for the best solutions to solve complex problems

likes to overcome challenges and complex problems with IT solutions

Wants to become...

the expert in emerging technologies to solve complex problems in any area of human life, by leading and developing advanced IT solutions

Wants to be able to...

realise himself as qualified professional in field of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Software Engineering

develop and apply innovative technologies for sorting out society problems, to support digital transformation of the world

deal with complex IT challenges and succesfully overcome them by applying deep knowledge in computer science

lead IT solutions development in different areas


About the Programme

The Master's study programme trains students by deepening their knowledge and practical skills in the rapidly developing computer science technologies. The programme includes basic aspects of computer sciences and practical application thereof in preparing professionals for a successful career in research and development. The study programme provides a unique set of courses led by the best local and international professors and specialists. Joining the programme allows you to gain international experience from professors from the University of Deusto (Spain), University of Electro-Communications (Tokyo), etc. After successful completion of the study programme, students will be able to work in the IT field using the latest computer science technologies, manage IT project development groups as well as develop data products and IT solutions based on artificial.


Tuition Fee


 Full timePart timeDistant learning
Duration2 years2,5 years 
EU residents EUR/year1980 EUR1640 EUR 
Non-EU residents EUR/year3200 EUR2600 EUR 
Daugavpils EUR/year   

Structure of the programme


Courses – Block A

BigData: from Data to Product2
BigData: LifeCycle2
Data Mining4
Intelligent Systems-14
Modern Database Technologies6
Modern Software Engineering4
Cybersecurity Essentials2
Data Security2
Research Methodology2
Research Seminar I2
Research Seminar II2
Master's Thesis and its Defence20

Courses – Block B

Computer Vision and Image Processing4
Information Systems4
Intelligent Systems-22
Quality Models of Software and Information Systems (QM SIS)4
Requirements management4
Theory of System and System Analysis4

Courses – Block C

Pedagogics and Psychology2
Subject of Free Choice4

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