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Learning with ICT use (LEARN IT)

Head of the Project from TSI:

Yulia Stukalina, Dr. sc.admin., Associate Professsor

Period:  01.09.2014 – 31.08.2017

The main objective of the project is to create a set of tools that will help to increase the effectiveness of learning by supporting the high level of concentration in a manner adapted to the individualized rhythm of learning.

LEARN IT project offers combination of traditional theories about necessity of stimulation of concentration to ensure efficient learning, with current attitude to use new tools, personalized, based on personal features, adjusted to individual needs of user, and highly connected with latest technologies.

The solutions offered under the framework of LEARN IT project may be a good alternative for traditional ways of stimulation of concentration and focus during the process of learning. Initially, the project will be directed to students from partner universities, who will study math. However, after the completion of the project, it will be possible that tools developed under this project will be used by any group (age, occupational, social), and not only to learn math but also any other subjects.

Partnership of 3 organizations from 3 countries is planned to implement the LEARN IT project:

  • WSEI - University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin (Poland),
  • KVK - Klaipeda State College (Lithuania),
  • TSI - Transport and Telecommunication Institute (Latvia).

The main results of the implementation of the project would be the Learning Lab with all its components, software for mobile devices, as well as Report from implementation of the project containing information about activities and research conducted during the implementation of the project.

Software for mobile devices will be developed so that it can be used  to prepare personalized recommendations for each person who will be tested in the Learning Lab.

Project website - learnit.kvk.lt

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