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Jubilee of РКИИГА – it is a history of TSI!


On May 23, 2014 the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) became a welcoming host of a magnificent festive event - 95th anniversary of the Riga Red-Banner Civil Aviation Engineers Institute (РКИИГА), during which an anniversary forum “РКИИГА – РАУ – TSI - the bridge of generations” was held.

Festivities of the 95th anniversary “РКВИАУ-РИИГВФ-РКИИГА-РАУ” lasted from 23rd to 25th of May.

This forum, organized by the club “РКИИГА”, already for years gathers intelligent elite of international society from 70 countries of the world under the same roof of the TSI!

This year almost 3000 guests from different countries - Australia, Azerbaijan, England, Belarus, Hungary, Vietnam, Germany, Israel, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Canada, Lithuania, New Zealand, Pakistan, Poland, Russia (from Pskov to Yakutsk), USA, Tadzhikistan, Ukraine, Shri-Lanka, Estonia and many other - took part in the forum.

Within the framework of festivities of the anniversary, lecturers and graduate students, many of which are now representatives of state institutions and hold managing positions in transnational corporations, met.

The central event of the forum was a visit of Talgat Musabayev – a graduate of РКИИГА, an astronaut, a hero of Russia and Kazakhstan, the chairman of the National Space Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Among other guests there were also: Sergey Vantsyan, president of airline „AYKAVIA”, Andrey Padalka, chief engineer of the Engineering department at „AEROFLOT”, Alexander Shkulteckiy, chairman of the board  at the company „Lenstran”, Nikolay  Arhipov, engineer at the JSC „Latvijas gāze”, Alexander Gritsenko, chief engineer at „Телерадиосеть России”, Anatoliy Velichko, chief engineer at „ГазпромТрансгазБеларусь”, Alexander Kokorin, director at „Авиаэкспресс”, Victor Birjukov, president of the Association of Russian Scientists in Latvia, Alexander Butko, general manager (CEO) of the subsidiary company of „Газпром” – LLC „Межрегионэнергострой”, Alexey Plisko, representative of „AirAstana”, Martins Ozolins, representative of Liepaja City Council and other guests of honour, professors, academics, PhDs, scientists and simply successful graduates.

We can definitely call this anniversary of RKIIGA a historic event, because this is not simply a gathering – this is a picture of life and destiny of several generations. This is a unity of outstanding, talented people and historical personalities, who hold significant positions in the fields of science, manufacturing, civil aviation and aeronautics.

The long-awaited gathering of generations turned out to be a very emotional and unforgettable event. Guests covered thousands of kilometres to meet each other, to share emotions and memories! Anniversary of РКИИГА – it is energy of a huge power, which charges and inspires you! It is history that makes TSI proud!

The following five years will pass in awaiting for a new gathering, because our institute has a century jubilee ahead – 100 years!

See you in 2019!

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