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Interns: Information Technology Cannot Be Mastered At School

This summer, to supplement the theoretical knowledge of students with practical experience, the IT-company Tele2 Shared Service Center (Tele2 SSC) gave to students the possibility to assay their strength in paid internship. In general, 13 students who were taking the first steps in their professional development in the field of IT and finances throughout the summer did internship at the Company. Tele2 SSC will continue labour relations with 50% of the summer internship programme participants. 

Within the framework of the summer internship programme, every day, from 9.00 till 17.00, 13 students of the University of Latvia, Riga Technical University, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and Transport and Telecommunication Institute were staying in the premises of Tele2 SSC as full-fledged employees with the aim to work, under the guidance of major experts and at their own choice, as programmers, support specialists, accountants, testers as well as operators and system administrators of a network operations centre.    

Upon completion of internship, the students shared the experience gained during internship in a short questionnaire. For the majority of students (70%) summer internship at Tele2 SSC was the first experience of this type which allowed them to get an insight into the work of large companies, the field of IT and finances in general. Looking back at their internship, the students pointed out that they were treated just like the full-fledged employees as well as appreciated interesting and practical daily tasks which they had to accomplish during internship and which cannot be mastered at school.  

During summer internship, a special training programme was developed for the students under which they had the possibility not only to learn about the course of work in their department and other departments by virtue of different lectures but also could study the field of IT by visiting base stations where they got an insight into the structure of mobile networks. Also, the students were engaged in the Company's internal communication events; for instance, they learned about the Company's values and operation style during an informal dinner with Kim Leandersson, Head of the Company. In addition, they also participated in the events organised for the employees, i.e. treasure hunting, employee sports games, etc.

'After internship, several students emphasised that upon completion of studies they would gladly work for the Company. As the employer, our task is to ensure that young specialists have such a possibility. They have proved themselves; therefore, we will willingly continue labour relations with them already now so that to stimulate them to obtain the necessary qualifications and be qualified for work in the field of IT,' says Ieva Orinska, Head of Personnel Department of Tele2 SSC.

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About Tele2 Shared Service Center

Tele2 Shared Service Center (Tele2 SSC) is a rapidly developing shared service centre in the field of information technology, telecommunications and financial management in Latvia with the number of employees exceeding 550 people. Tele2 SSC is the company of the Swedish Tele2AB group that was founded in Latvia in 2004. The Company renders services in the field of information technology, telecommunications and finances to all companies of the Tele2 AB group in nine countries, i.e. Austria, Croatia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Germany and Sweden. 

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