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Homecoming evening for TSI graduates


On 25th January 2014 the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) organised a festive homecoming evening for graduates of the TSI. Graduates witnessed the inauguration of a real, not virtual, TSI Hall of Fame, talked to favourite lecturers and fellow students and were able to see how their alma mater lives and develops.

More than two hundred graduates came to visit the institute. A new tradition was established this evening: from now on, TSI will always wait their graduates to visit the Institute on the last Saturday of January. Please note that those are the graduates who received their diploma with TSI symbol, i.e. graduation cohorts since 2000.

Ceremonial part of the evening began with the opening of the real TSI Hall of Fame. The names of the best graduates of our Institute that were previously published only online in a special section of the TSI’s website, are now displayed in the lobby of the Institute.

During the official part of the evening the Acting Rector of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Prof. Irina Yatskiv gave a speech to the graduates. In particular, she handed a Diploma and Rector’s honorary ribbon to the first Rector of the TSI - Prof. Eugene Kopytov, who was the head of TSI for more than ten years. Second Rector of the TSI, Prof. Boris Mishnev congratulated graduates by giving them a mini-lecture on the meaning of education and training.

The participants saw the video congratulations from TSI’s graduate Sergei Kravchenko who currently runs his own company in London and from Alexandra Mackiewicz (nee Karnakova) who is now working in Helsinki.

TSI’s Pro-rector Natalia Podolyakina also welcomed all graduates and invited everyone to join the TSI Graduate Association, which has just started its work but has big plans for the future. Mrs. Podolyakina informed that soon all the graduates of the TSI will receive an invitation to join the Association and would be welcomed to attend its first meeting.

Finally the results of the contest "The best success story of a TSI graduate” were announced. The chairperson of the board of the “Transporta un sakaru institūts” Svetlana Shemyakina announced the names of the winners. The jury could not select only one winner and therefore it was decided to award the prizes to two members - Alexander Novozhenov and Alexey Fomin. Congratulations to them! In addition, the competition is continuing! Competition winners of the second stage will be honoured at the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the TSI in September this year.

After the official part of the speeches and ceremonies guests went to a tea party and were able to socialise in an informal, friendly atmosphere. All visitors were also able to have a tour of the school and see how it has changed. Thus, many of the guests gladly went on a tour to the new laboratories in the TSI Telecommunications, Electronics and Robotics Centre, as well as to admire the flight simulators in the Academic and Professional Aviation Centre. Some also enjoyed the ride on new beautiful lifts :)

Photo album of the homecoming

We would like to thank all the graduates who have been with us this evening, and we hope that we will have many such happy meetings in the future!


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