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Grants and discounts for incoming TSI students!

Due to support of companies and the management of the TSI, which pay attention to the quality of education and encourage the best students, TSI has many opportunities to receive discounts and grants (scholarships) for studying.


Several agreements have been signed with leading companies of the industries for providing grants for the studies of the best applicants / students, including

  • eight first-year students can receive SIA RoboLogic grant for the professional Bachelor's program Robotics, which covers whole study period
  • twelve best students who have chosen a full-time studies at the Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunication will receive scholarships from SIA X Infotech (3 first-year students, others – older students).

Today, more than 30% of TSI students have received various discounts ranging from 10% to 100%.


Discounts for the best applicants

  • You have the opportunity to apply for discounts on education under Bachelor programs:
    - three best applicants - 100%
    - four applicants - 75%
    - eight applicants - 50%
  • For Master’s studies 100%, 75% and 50% discount.
  • Discount “Partnerships” - up to 20% for employees of more than 30 companies that have a partnership agreement with TSI.
  • Discount “TSI - big family” - up to 20%, is granted to applicants - direct relatives of graduates and alumni of the RCAII, RAU, TSI; relatives of TSI students and staff of the institute.
  • Discount “Social support” - up to 20%, for applicants with disabilities and orphans.

In addition to grants and discounts for applicants, discounts are provided for TSI students:

 "Successes in studies" - up to 10%;

 "Active life position" - up to 10%; etc.


You can learn more about the opportunities to receive a grant for studies and discounts, as well as the rules for submitting applications, at:

or the Study department.

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