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Free choice subjects in the fall semester of 2014/2015 academic year

In August, electronic registration for block C subjects of fall semester 2014/2015 academic year begins.

In the fall semester of the new academic year students, who in their curriculum have free choice subjects (block C), are offered a significantly enhanced and updated list of subjects.   

The contents of the subjects can be viewed on Intranet under Free Choice Subjects (block C). 

To register for the block C subjects, students should go to their Intranet profile (, choose “Studies at TSI” and register by pressing on “registration for block C subjects”.

Among the free choice subjects, students of bachelor and professional programs will be able to choose general subjects:

Business Rhetoric (RU),

Management of Professional Career (RU/LV),

Ethics and Esthetics  (RU),

Fundamentals of the World’s Religions (RU),

Intercultural Communication (LV),

Modern English Speech Etiquette (EN).


In fall semester of 2014/2015 academic year, block C offers new, highly specialized subjects:

New!      Brand Management and Elements of Public Relations (RU),

New!      Mobile Applications Development Tools (RU),

New!      Ground Handling (En).


New!      In this academic year students as block C subjects have an opportunity to study and take exams of block A and block B subjects of other study programs:

Management of Information Systems (RU/LV),

Building of Web Based Applications (RU/LV),

Computer networks (RU),

Philosophy (RU),

Marketing (RU),

Reengineering of Business Processes (RU),

International Economic Relations (RU),

Logistics (RU),

Certification, Licensing and Quality Assurance (RU/LV) and others.


The choice of the subjects in English is also relevant:

Career Management (EN),

Microeconomics (EN),

Statistics (EN),

International Economic Relations (EN),

Purchases and Reserves Logistics (EN),

Transport Logistics ( EN).


For students of Master’s Programs, the following subjects are offered:

Pedagogy and Psychology (RU),

Management of Innovative Activities (RU),

 Financial Analysis and Management (RU),

Legal and Tax Regulation of Commercial Activities (RU),

Corporate Information Systems (RU),

Research Practice (RU).



For any questions related to electronic registration for block C subjects, please contact the Study Department or Helpdesk (in auditorium 4-228 or by phone 67100555).


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