Foundation Course for Foreign Applicants

The Institute Foundation Course is devised for applicants who are willing to apply for full-time study programmes at the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) whose level of English or Mathematics isn’t enough to study effectively or does not meet the programme requirements.

The registration for TSI Foundation Courses for the winter semester has started! 

Certificates are distributed shortly after the course ends, and you will have the possibility to continue further studies at the Transport and Telecommunication Institute.

Duration of the Course is approximately one semester.

Foundation Course fees:

The programme costs USD 1,800 plus tuition fee for the first year of studies. This amount shall be paid together.

Accommodation and travel expenses are covered by the applicants.

If you don't intend to complete further studies at the Transport and Telecommunication Institute, you may wish to get your money back (refers only to the tuition fee for the first year of studies).

Additional fees and documents for admission:

  1. A document proving the applicant’s proficiency in English (for example, TOEFL, IELTS or other certificate which certify the required level of English proficiency.If you don't have such certificate, you will need to pass additional test).
  2. Skype interview with the applicant.
  3. Registration fee – USD 240 (it will not be paid back).
  4. Verification of the educational documents at the Academic Information Centre in Latvia.
  5. Submitting of the documents necessary to conclude the Contract for Provision of Educational Services with the applicant.
  6. Signing of the contract, payment of the tuition fee invoice.
  7. Submitting of the documents to receive a residence permit in Latvia.
  8. Processing and receiving of a short stay visa.
  9. Arrival in Riga, processing and receiving of the residence permit.


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Contact Information:

Information and Study Centre

Telephone: (+371) 67100661

Fax: (+371) 67100660


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