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Favourite City, Favourite Game!


One of the most exciting events of the year – the youth game How Well Do You Know Riga? was conducted for the seventh time!

The students' self-government of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) is the organiser of the game in which more than 400 players participate every year.

The contemporary game consists of two parts: a quiz to test the knowledge of history and culture of the city and a marathon in the course of which the participants, by using photographs, have to find as many objects of historical heritage in the very heart of the capital of Latvia as possible.

This year, the participants were given new and unexpected tasks: near the City Diner, youngsters were to find and feed tired Robinson Crusoe, and in the Old Town, not far from the statue of the Town Musicians of Bremen, to sing a song about adventures; to assemble a puzzle near the ELKOR building and at the Statue of Liberty; to check their physical fitness in Kronvalda Park by doing approximately 30 push-ups and squats, and even to find the buried treasure!

The charge of energy in the course of the game was supported by treats from the sponsors Oshee, Haribo and Lorenz.

This year, the participants of the game attempted to set a new record, i.e. to make a sea wave at the Dome Square which would be the longest in the history of Old Riga.

Judges of the contest noted the creative approach of youngsters to the game – the names of teams from year to year become more creative and less formal, for instance, Electrolytic Potato, Therapeutic Pies, Fierce Hedgehogs, Bold Pandas, Irredundant Xs, Brick under the Roof, Loading… 40%, Nikita's Retinue, and many other not less interesting names.

The deserved prizes awaited the winners after difficult tests and capricious weather: memorable statuettes, special prizes from the Riga City Council (a unique excursion through the places which are not on the tourist map of the city) and valuable gifts from the sponsors.

According to the results of the game conducted this year:

The team Kalyna took the first place and received a golden statuette, a gift voucher worth EUR 250.00 from the company ELKOR, gift vouchers from City Diner, a voucher from the photo-school Portret.lv, souvenirs from the sponsors, memorable prizes from the Riga City Council as well as a diploma signed by the Mayor of Riga Nils Ušakovs.

The team Barvinok took the second place and received a silver statuette, a gift voucher worth EUR 150.00 from ELKOR, a gift voucher from City Diner, a voucher from the photo-school Portret.lv, souvenirs from the sponsors, prizes from the Riga City Council as well as a memorable diploma.


The team Electrolytic Potato took the third place and deservedly received a bronze statuette, a gift voucher worth EUR 100.00 from ELKOR, gift vouchers from City Diner, a voucher from the photo-school Portret.lv, souvenirs from the sponsors, memorable prizes from the Riga City Council and a memorable diploma.

How Well Do You Know Riga?! is a grandiose youth event which every year becomes more popular, whereas the contests for participants become more fascinating and exciting.

The contest is solemnly conducted under the aegis of the Riga City Council; the Mayor of the capital Nils Ušakovs and Chairman of the City Development Committee of the Riga City Council Maksims Tolstojs arrived to support the participants the number of which this year was no less than 400 people.

It should be emphasised that the contest becomes even more popular not only among young people but also among entrepreneurs: the number of companies which became the sponsors of the event grows from year to year.

We thank all the sponsors among which were: Elkor, Polistar, Portret.lv, Haribo, OSHEE, City Dinner as well as the organisers and judges – Aleksandrs Feklins, Alise-Aurēlija Jegorova, Ksenija Suvorova, Vladimirs Žmelevskis, Marija Demidova, Igors Jupatovs, Kira Borisova, Dana Gaševa, Darja Ratņikova, Aleksandrs Nazarovs, Dmitrijs Semjonovs, Vladislavs Zagrebins, Ģirts Ziemelis, Poļina Ogenesjana, Oļegs Kuzmins, Konstantīns Okuņevs, Eduards Rudzis, Anna Rogača, Ļubova Karpuhina, Vladislavs Stepanovs, Laura Taimova, Katerina Lapcova, Andrejs Borovskis, Sergejs Baklanovs, Aleksandrs Šumkins, Anastasija Krivoščokova, Deniss Radbiļs, Jevgeņijs Sorokivskis, Aleksandrs Van Baskens, Romans Lisenko, Darja Šapovalova, Anastasija Romanovska, Arina Fjodorova, Antons Galiaskarovs, Marija Dilo, Jevgeņijs Tereščenko, Ņikita Minakovs, Andrejs Sinkēvičš, Dmitrijs Semjonovs, Anna Smeiļa, Roberts Černiškovs and Dmitrijs Spružs. 

We would like to thank everyone who helped conduct the Game How Well Do You Know Riga?.  We sincerely wish that this event continued to be in the centre of the city's attention and became a true spring holiday for all inhabitants and guests of the capital!

And, of course, many thanks to the participants of the game – you are the best!

See you next year!

More information may be found at https://www.facebook.com/weloveriga.




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