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Establishment of the TSI Graduate Association

Shortly before Homecoming which will take place at Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) on 30 January 2016, the TSI Graduate Association will be established.

The Association will be established with the purposes as follows: to strengthen the relationships between the graduates and the Institute, ensure career support, create favourable environment for the sharing of experience, work with trainees, conduct educational seminars and professional development courses.

To ensure efficient work of the Association, the Institute needs to create a database of the graduates' contact information.

We kindly ask all the TSI graduates to respond to this announcement and provide the following information: email address, telephone number, graduation year and name of the educational programme as well as information about your current place of work.

Please email said information to Jolanta Priede, Head of Corporate Services Department,

We will be sincerely grateful if you can provide such information about your fellow students as well as for the dissemination of this information.

The information obtained will not be communicated to third parties or used for promotional and other purposes not related to the activity of TSI.

Thank you in advance!

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