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General Doctorate Information

General information:

Doctoral studies are a structural unit of Transport and Communications Institute, providing training of teaching and research staff.

Acquiring academic qualifications and academic activities of the doctoral studies are regulated by the laws of the Republic of Latvia: "On Scientific Activity", "On Institutions of Higher Education” and other normative acts of the Republic of Latvia as well as the "Regulations for doctoral studies at Transport and Communications Institute ", approved at a meeting of the Senate of TSI October 23, 2001 (Minutes No 6). 

Doctoral Degree Programme "Telematics and Logistics" (51526)

Accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science for the maximum term - 6 years!

Terms of doctoral training in the TSI

Each doctoral student has a supervisor approved by the order of the rector. Scientific advisor consults doctoral student about research and supervises an individual training plan.

Candidate for a doctor’s degree annually passes certification on the results of the individual training plan.

Doctoral student is entitled to use the facilities, equipment, laboratories, offices and other infrastructure of TSI, library, to obtain information on all matters directly related to the studies, to express and defend his/her ideas and opinions freely, to elect and be elected to the student self-government, cooperate with all the structural units of the TSI at all levels.

At the end of study after completion of the program, in accordance with the individual plan doctoral student must pass:

  • promotional exams on specialty and foreign language
  • to defend or provide for defense thesis for the doctoral degree at the promotional council of TSI or other institution of the higher education or research institution

Admission to the doctoral program

Admission to the doctoral program is conducted year-round. Applicants must have a master's degree or higher education, equated to a master’s degree. Applicant must pass an admission exam for doctoral studies and English exam.

Requirements for admission to the doctoral program

An applicant must have a master's degree or higher education, equated to a master’s degree: Master of Science in COMPUTER SCIENCE, Master of Engineering in ELECTRONICS, Master of Social Sciences in MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, ECONOMICS or a Master's degree in another related field or its equivalent to an academic degree.

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