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Diploma Supplement Label

International recognition of diploma is the issue of supreme importance for any student. It is a known fact that there are practically no borders in the contemporary world, and there are the ample opportunities for making career in the international companies in or abroad Latvia, taking into consideration the great importance of higher education and its status. Nevertheless, several questions are always urgent: is the diploma internationally recognised, and if so, according to which criteria the recognition analysis is taken?

Diploma Supplement is a supplement to the diploma, worked out on the fundamentals of the European Commission recommendations and recommendations of the European Council and UNESCO; the supplement comprises eight information sections, demonstrating the data on the awarded degree: who has obtained this degree, the qualification awarded, its level, list of study subjects and the obtained grades on these subjects, peculiarities of national education system and so on. 

Diploma Supplement is a tool allowing comparison and determination of the degree of correspondence of the obtained qualification to the requirements of the world higher education establishments. This document makes the student’s diploma easily readable not only in Latvia but also abroad, makes the description of the obtained qualification specified, and expedites entering the higher education establishment or further employment. 

Diploma Supplement Label is a specific sign, proving that TSI has successfully adopted the system of transition of credit points according to the European Credit Transfer System – ECTS and provides the graduates with Diploma Supplement. This label also serves as a guarantee of the fact that the European experts have approved the Institute study plan and the degrees awarded to the students as recognisable.


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