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Department of Transportation and Logistics

Gennady Gromov

Dr.Sc.Ing., As. Professor,
The Head of the Department of Transportation and Logistics

1 Lomonosova str.,  aud. 702
Telephone: (371) 67100615
Fax: (371) 67100660


The given programme is aimed to the training in the fields of one of the most modern specialities - logistics. It is unique due to the fact that it is a unifying link of transport and industrial and commercial activity of any enterprise. The choice of the optimal routing, the effective type of transport, terminals and warehouses, nodelling of the complete chain of the cargo delivery and many other is a competence of the logistics specialist.

The Academic Staff of the Department

Gennady Gromov,

George Utehin,

Alisa Lace,

Marina Pliss, Mg. oec.

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