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Department of Humanities

Dr. sc.admin., professor Yulia Stukalina

the Head of the Department of Humanities

Riga, Lomonosova street 1, room 510
Telephone: (371) 67100658
Fax: (371) 67100660


The concept of the development of the Department is determined by the requirements of the Bologna Process, as well as specificity of the educational process focused on preparation of professionals in the field of Management, Economy, Transport and Logistics, Computer Technologies and Telecommunications.

The mission of the Department is to promote the development of cross-disciplinary and professional competences of the TSI graduates.

The Department specializes in teaching social-humanitarian disciplines, law, and foreign languages. Professionally-oriented foreign language teaching is aimed at the formation of students’  communicative competence: their ability to understand and use language appropriately to communicate in authentic environments –  in specific business and professional areas and situations.

Special emphasis is placed on enhancing professional competence of the Department teachers through the development of the author’s study courses (including those in the distance learning system Moodle), preparation of textbooks and study aids used for supporting the learning process, as well as using novel teaching methods and educational techniques.

The Department also provides specialized courses to obtain international certificates.

The Department is actively participating in the following international educational projects:

  • conferences in Education and Educational Management;
  •  “Individual Plurilingualism in Education / IMBILD” (within the framework of the ERASMUS programme);
  •  “Symbols of Peace ™” (under the auspices of UNESCO);
  • COST Action CA15137 “European Network for Research Evaluation in the Social Sciences and the Humanities (ENRESSH)”;
  • COST Action CA15221 “Advancing Effective Institutional Models towards Cohesive Teaching, Learning, Research and Writing Development”, etc.

Courses offered by the Department of Humanities

  • Psychology of Business Relations
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Business Activity Legal Regulation
  • International Commercial and Transport Law
  • Social Psychology and Sociology
  • Business communication in the professional activities
  • Pedagogics and Psychology
  • Human Resource Management and Leadership
  • Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
  • Cross-cultural Communication
  • Presentation Skills
  • Professional Career Management
  • Psychology of Self-Development and Personal Efficiency
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Legislation in the Field of Information Technology
  • Professional Business English
  • Professional English for Logistics
  • Professional English for Information Technologies
  • Professional English for Aviation
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • English for Career Management.


The Academic Staff of the Department of Humanities:

Ishgaley Ishmuhametov, Dr. psych.

Larisa Kuzmenko, Dr.philol.

Oksana Pozdnyakova, Dr.soc.

Yulia Stukalina,

Kristine Uzhule, Dr.phych.

Olga Zervina, Mg.oec.

Vladimir Yeltishev, Mg.jur.

Ludmila Pechennikova, Mg.paed.

Anna Palma, Mg. paed.

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