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Department of Electronics and Telecommunications

Anatoly Pozdnyakov

Dr.Sc.Ing., docent
Head of Electronics and Telecommunications

1 Lomonosova Street, Room 602, 604, 606, 608
Telefone: (371) 76100656


Electronics. Study Programmes

Higher Professional Study Programme

  • Electronics

Academic Bachelor of Engineering Sciences (B.Eng)

  • Electronics

A modern development of the computer technique is characterized by a new phase. It is a unification of computers in the network. For this purpose the particular communication networks are widely used. They are called data transmission networks.

Development and operation of computer networks demands the specially trained specialists of a specific profile. These specialists should have a good knowledge of the modern computer technique and programming as well as technique of information transmission based on the latest achievements of the electronics and microelectronics.

Specialists in this activity are very popular in the places where the operation of the computers and data transmission networks is taken place. In aviation such specialists could find their utilization in the field of the state and international computer networks operation connected to the air traffic control and passenger service on-ground technological processes management.

Academic Master of Engineering Sciences (M.Eng)

  • Electronics

In the study programme for the Master?s degree in Electronics a special attention is paid to the system approach to a solution of various research and applied tasks in Electronics and Telecommunication, digital methods of signal processing, principles of moderns facilities construction of computer equipment, design and operation of information transmission means on the basis of modern achievements of digital electronics. The availability of considerable basic theoretical and practical training in the area of telecommunication and information systems will allow graduates of this speciality working also in a wide sphere of the allied directions. The Master?s degree graduate is ready for research and pedagogical activities and for the Doctoral studies as well.

Telecommunications. Study Programmes

Telecommunications is a communication at a distance. Types of telecommunications: electrical communication (wire communication), optical wireless communication, fiber optic links, radio communication (mobile and wireless), telecommunication systems, computer networks, and mobile networks.

The main directions of academic and scientific activities of the Department:

  • Principles of the telecommunication equipment operation, basics and standards of network technologies
  • Basics of telecommunication equipment and computer networks maintenance
  • Methods of analysis and digital processing of signals
  • Methods of analysis and designing of telecommunication systems.
  • Basics of information encoding, transmission and protection
  • Parameters and properties of buses
  • Methods and means of the applied software development
  • Applications of transport telematics


Academic Bachelor of Engineering Sciences (B.Eng)

Annually Latvia has a deficit of about 500 specialists in the IT and telecommunication area (according to the Ministry of Education and Science and LIKTA). In the modern Latvian labour market, ЕU and in the world, there is an urgent need of professionals who are able to:

  • maintain telecommunication systems and computer network equipment correctly from the technical standpoint
  • administer, analyze and design computer networks and telecommunication channels,
  • conduct network diagnostics and diagnostics of telecommunication equipment,
  • estimate information and networks protection level,
  • create the applied program solutions for separate problems.


First pf all the programme is targeted at a mass consumer. Telecommunication companies require a many sided specialist in hardware and software, telecommunication systems and networks. Besides, a graduate may work almost in any sector of economics (governmental institutions, manufacturing, transportation, communications, banking, trade, etc.), in companies operating their telecommunication systems or producing goods or services in the area of telecommunication technology. The spectrum of possible future positions starts with a specialist operating telecommunication systems and network administrator and reaches a system analyst and telecommunications systems engineer.

Programme Technical Maintenance:

Electronics and Electrical Engineering Laboratory

MAN&Tel Co. Ltd Telecommunication Laboratory

Analog Device Ltd Signal Processors Laboratory (May 2008)

Cisco Networking Academy Laboratory (March, 2008)

The Academic Staff of the Department of Telecommunications:

Igor Kabashkin,
Alexander Krainyukov,
Anatoly Pozdnyakov,
Jelena Baranova,
Alexander Grakovski,
Jelena Revzina,
Aleksandr Krivchenkov, Dr. Sc. Ing.
Nikolay Gudanets, Mg. philol.
Sergejs Sharkovskis.

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