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Department of Economics, Management and Finance

Dr. sc. admin. Ilze Sproģe

The Head of the Department of Economics, Management and Finance


1 Lomonosova Street, Room 502

Telephone: (371) 67100585

Fax: (371) 67100660


Study direction "Management, administration and real estate management" programmes (B.Sc., M.Sc.):

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Management is a dynamic element supporting organizational health and vitality. The investments and the financial rents, futures and options, diversifications and risks, hedging and forecasting ... You must be interested to know what it means. The above programmes will help you to understand these concepts and use them in your own business and personal life. From the manager of your own incomes and expenditures to the financial analyst in a big company is the way that you will travel with us. Management efficiency will always be critical for the development of the society, and the need for skillful managers will constantly grow.


Study direction “Economics” programmes (B.Sc., M.Sc.):

Modern economist should pass through all stages of professional  growth: from the basics of entrepreneurship to the system analysis and the principles of management of large economic systems; from simple operations with financial indices to the construction of mathematical models of forecasting the company’s financial state; from a simple layman in the area of information technologies to the tomorrow level manager who cannot do without the Internet, who works easily with any database, who uses programming tools in business planning, who easily interprets the results of the financial indices statistical processing.


The Academic Staff of the Department:

Jurijs Baltgailis Dr. oec.

Levs Fainglozs, Mg.oec.

Irina Kuzmina-Merlino, Dr. oec.

Ieva Kozlovska, Mg.admin.

Jelena Popova, Dr.oec.

Nataļja Podoļakina, Dr.oec.

Oksana Skorobogatova, Mg.oec.

Ilze Sproge,

Alevtīna Višnevska, Dr.paed.



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