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Department of Aviation Transport

Alexander Medvedev

Dr.Sc.Ing., Professor,
Head of Aviation Transport Department

1 Lomonosova Street, Room 705, 707, 709.
Telephone: (371) 67100527
Fax: (371) 67100660


Study Programmes

Higher Professional Study Programme (I level) "Technical Maintenance of Aircraft Transport"

Aircraft transport is one of the most complex types of transport branch based on the most advanced achievements of science and engineering. Technicians are the most numerous and that is why the most demanded part of the staff providing the admission of aircraft to flying operation.

Aviation Transport

The activity of the aviation transport specialists comprises the complex arrangement of passengers and freights by means of aircraft. Consequently, the specialist of this profile is to know perfectly the structure of the air vessel and provide its technical service and maintenance.  The peculiarity of the offered programme is a possibility to take the exams, necessary for obtaining the certificates on categories B1(mechanics)  and B2 (avionics) simultaneously with mastering the course subjects

Department Academic Staff:

  • Konstantin Nechval,
  • Alexander Medvedev,
  • Vladimir Labendik,
  • Aleksandr Bulekov, Dr. sc. ing.
  • Iyad Alomar,
  • Monta Lacane,
  • Sergey Yunusov,
  • Eygenia Mikulko, Mg. sc. soc.
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