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CLEAN DRIVE in the Baltics. 15 February 2013. International conference



  • To present CLEAN DRIVE project (Intelligent Energy Europe programme) and EU initiative on the increase of car sales with low CO2 emission;
  • To discuss an influence of various factors – economic, ecological, psychological, administrative – on the development of “green” transport;
  • To consider different options for compromising between various interests of “green” transport market stakeholders;
  • To increase customers’ awareness of actual and prospective advantages of “green” car use including modern traditional technologies as well as electrical, hybrid, alternative fuel transport;
  • To promote involvement of different groups of population in CLEAN DRIVE movement;
  • To stimulate central and municipal bodies take an active part in the improvement of “green” cars sales and purchases;
  • To promote including of “green” transport topic in the National Development Plan of Latvia.


Latvian Ministry of Economy, Latvian Ministry of Environment and Regional Development, Latvian Academy of Science, Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments, Car Dealers, Car Leasing and Rent companies, Banks, Insurance companies, Environmental NGOs, Latvian Biofuel Associations, Latvian Biogas Association, Association of Renewable Resources, Association “Green Cluster”, Local Action Group and National Supporting Group members, Higher Educational Establishments including Transport and Telecommunications Institute, Riga Technical University, Latvian University and others.

Basic  topics  of  the conference:

  • CLEAN DRIVE project - content, implementation, results, perspective of further development
  • Technologies - decreasing emission of CO2
  • Ecology - environmental impact of exhaust gases
  • Economy  - “green movement”: does it stimulate economic development or remain still “too expensive” for average economies (in general and considering “green” transport in particular)?  
  • Psychology  - how to appeal to target groups and common public involving them to join “green movement” (in general and considering “green” transport in particular)?
  • Planning  - what has been done in Latvia during the latest time and what has to be done in the nearest future to expand the use of “green” transport

Expected number of participants: 100 delegates

Venue: Transport and Telecommunication Institute,1 Lomonosova Street, Riga

Official languages of the conference are: Latvian and English.

Conference Fee: participation in conference after registration is free of charge.



Contacts: tel.: (+371) 67333167, 67334346
fax: (+371) 67334350;

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