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ChatBots Design and Development – a new course for TSI students

ChatBots are virtual assistants, which help in many business areas. They are powered by artificial intelligence solutions to “understand” users and provide relevant feedback. This make them unique, cost-saving and innovative communication pipe. This study year Computer Science and Telecommunication faculty has introduced a new study course for TSI bachelor level students titled “ChatBots Design and Development”.

ChatBots Design and Development is the new study course prepared by the teaching staff of Computer Science and Telecommunication Faculty as elective course for bachelor level students. Main aim of the course is to introduce students with concepts of ChatBots and setup their professional skills in ChatBots design and development.  Not looking to the fact that details of natural language processing algorithms are out of the course scope, new course provides enough knowledge for students to get the clear vision of how chatbots are operating. This is reached by use of DialogFlow platform (product of Google) as the main development environment in frame of the course. All classes of the course are provided based on concept learning-by-doing, meaning, that students most of their time are spending near computers working with the development platform on their solutions. As final deliverable it is expected, that each student will develop its own unique chatbot, which will be presented and tested by all course students.

Next study year it is planned to involve in this course not only students of Computer Science and Telecommunication Faculty, but also the students from other faculties to make ChatBots development in mixed teams, there are some members are drawing vision of ChatBots and define business logic, while rest are developing, and testing implemented solution.

We wish successes and new fruitful ideas to the developers of the new study course and interesting projects for the students, who currently runs the course.

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