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Business Magic Ball - Data Science

Over the past decades, humanity has accumulated huge amounts of data; companies are growing data by leaps and bounds, these are the trends of the automation and digitalization. The question is why? Why do we accumulate terabytes of data that we use once a year, or worst - we forget that we have them. The answer is simple - we accumulate not just data, we are accumulating knowledge, we are accumulating information that can be and should be used. Nowadays (data + processing methods) is the modern Magic Ball of business. Therefore, the trend of the IT industry is Big Data, Data Science, Data Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence. There are many vacancies, and lack of specialists in this field.

This year, the Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications is waiting for students enrolling into study program Computer Science with a new specialization. There is an opportunity to become an expert in Big Data, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence. The studies are provided here by the best local and invited professors - no need to go for studies elsewhere.

Let’s start from the beginning: Master study program Computer Science is visualized as syllabus map below. The large part of study subjects is dedicated to the Data Science. During the first term an unforgettable lectures of BigData: Lifecycle course will be led by invited professor N. Ruben, a graduate of Stanford University. The same professor will manage a course project Big Data: from data to product during the 3rd term. The course of Data Mining will allow students to familiarize themselves with a number of methods and procedures that allow finding hidden relations in data. During the same term, the Data Security course will show how to solve data security issues. This course has been always led by industry representatives who share practical aspects of data protection. During the 2nd term you will have such interesting disciplines, as Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Modern Database Technologies. The course’s Artificial Intelligence two parts will introduce students with the concept of artificial intelligence with a detailed examination of the variety of methods and approaches, and demonstrate applicability in solving specific problems. Within the Computer Vision course, students will be immersed in the world of computer vision, which will allow them to learn how to extract data from multimedia objects (photos, pictures, videos). Students will have the opportunity to learn how to extract data from other types of objects in the 3rd term, during the course Unstructured Data Analysis that will be led by a visiting lecturer from Norway. In the course Modern Database Technologies students will learn about trends in data storage and the features of working with huge amounts of data. As part of this course, students will become acquainted with the Hadoop Ecosystem, which is the de facto industry standard.

Do you want to become a demanded, highly paid specialist with a set of unique knowledge?

The Master of Computer Science in Transport and Telecommunication Institute is waiting for you!


Submission of documents for Master studies - from 1st July to 30th September, 2019.

Documents can be submitted electronically or in person at the TSI Enrolment Commission, 1 Lomonosova Street, Riga.

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