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The Best Computer Specialists are Bachelors 2016!

Now another academic year has ended, summer defence of bachelor's theses is over, final exams are behind…

This year, 40 bachelor's theses have been presented in the Computer Sciences and Information Technology program, part of which was developed and defended in the English language. It should at once be noted that all the students defended them successfully!

The theses were connected with the development of web software, web services, mobile applications, various useful (including for students) tools.

Many interesting theses were connected with the development, improvement and implementation of various mathematical algorithms, with the use of neural networks, game theory and so on to solve various research tasks.

Some useful developments for the current and future scientific and practical projects of the institute, which are connected with the transport flow data collection and the transport modelling, were presented by graduates Slava Petrovs and Olegs Grudins. Under the guidance of Irina Pticina, associate professor of Department of Computer System Software, Slava Petrovs developed an application to process lists of the vehicle numbers recognized on the basis of video images, and Olegs Grudins, under the guidance of Jelena Jursevica, associate professor of Department of Mathematical Methods and Modelling, developed an application to automatically read out data from paper forms to collect transport flow data.

The theses connected with the programming of various devices and the data collection were no less interesting. For example, Aleksandrs Semenenko's thesis 'Software Development to Store and Handle Data from IR People Counters' (the thesis supervisor is Irina Pticina).

Many applications were developed by students at the request of the companies for which they work. So, for example, Arturs Kacens developed software for the operation with the PEPPOL standard, and Artjoms Petrosovs developed a Windows service for data transmission by the company's internal protocol. These theses were developed under the guidance of Sergejs Junusovs, associate professor of Department of Computer System Software.

The theses of Aleksejs Cudovs 'Development of Application to Monitor and Control Load and Traffic Balancing in Web Services' (the thesis supervisor is professor Boriss Misnevs), Konstantins Duvakins 'Research of Possibilities of Game Theory to Analyse Routeing Protocols in MANET Networks' (the thesis supervisor is Jelena Revzina) and Didzis Batars 'Comparative Analysis of Software Testing Types and Methods' (the thesis supervisor is Olvija Komasilova) can be safely called the research ones. These graduates can develop their theses further in the master's degree program.

The Certification Board members recommended the following students' theses for participation in the Latvian ZIBIT competition for the best bachelor's IT theses, organized by the University of Latvia Foundation together with the largest Latvian IT companies Exigen Services Latvia and Accenture Latvia:

  • Edgars Mernets, 'Software Development for Real-Time Analysis of Incoming Acoustical Signal Spectrum,' (the thesis supervisor is Irina Pticina, associate professor of Department of Computer System Software).
  • Artjoms Spiridonovs, 'Modelling of Player's Strategy in Black Jack Card Game' (the thesis supervisor is Dmitrijs Pavluks, associate professor of Department of Mathematical Methods and Modelling).
  • Janis Zablockis, 'Development of Remote Control System for Pellet Boiler' (the thesis supervisor is Karina Kostjkina, lecturer of Department of Computer System Software).

Let's wish all our bachelors success in their further way and we wait for them in the master's degree program of Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI)!

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