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Bachelor of Social Sciences in Management

General information

Awarded academic degree: Bachelor of Social Sciences in Management

Accreditation: until 30 June 2021

Complete study programme volume: 120 credit points (180 ECTS)

Possible forms of education and study languages:

  • Full-time – 3 years (latvian, english)
  • Part-time – 4 years (latvian, english)
  • Distance learning – 4 years (english)

Enrolment requirements: secondary school education.

Admission Rules


""The Bachelor of Social Sciences in Management" programme builds a platform for career advancement or starting a business. A magnificent feature of the programme is the combination of classical higher education and innovative approaches to the training of specialists. At the last year of study, each student will have the opportunity to choose one of the proposed specializations."


Mg. oec., Lecturer
Oksana Skorobogatova
Director of the Programme

For a personality, who...

strive to obtain the necessary knowledge in the field of modern enterprise management, which will allow to effectively use the capabilities of the international business environment

Wants to become...

… a professional in the selected segment and initiator of changes. Graduates of the program "Bachelor of Social Sciences in Management" are: managers of their own business areas; enterpreneurs of small business; innovation project managers; HR and risk analysis specialists in the business environment

Wants to be able to...

prove himself in scientific research and take an active part in international projects


About the Programme

Students learn to understand the needs of clients, to develop strategies and policies aimed at the company’s organisational goals and tasks, business plans for the implementation of their ideas. Knowledge of modern business management allows graduates to make ecient use of international business opportunities.

Students have opportunity to choose specialization - Digital Business  Management or  Managerial Economics.


Tuition Fee


 Full timePart timeDistant learning
Duration3 years4 years4 years
Tuition fee EUR/year:   
EU residents1800 EUR *1350 EUR *1300 EUR
Residents of the CIS and Central Asian countries2700 EUR 1300 EUR
Non-EU residents3000 EUR 1300 EUR **
Daugavpils branch   

* If the tuition fee of semester is divided into monthly payments (5 payments), the amount of the tuition fee increases by 100 euro per semester.
** If the annual tuition fee is divided into semester payments (2 payments), the tuition fee is increased by 100 euros per year.


Structure of the programme


Block A - mandatory courses

Essentials of Business Management46.0
Fundamentals of entrepreneurship46.0
Higher Mathematics812.0
Human Resource Management46.0
International Business23.0
Management Analyses46.0
Operations Management46.0
Project Management23.0
Resource Planning and Control46.0
Risk management46.0
Introduction to Digital Marketing23.0
Introduction to Studies in Economics and Business Science23.0
Labour Safety, Civil Defence and Environment Protection23.0
Bachelors Thesis1015.0

Block B - specialization courses

Business Activity Legal Regulation46.0
Corporate Finances46.0
Introduction to Change Management23.0
Management and Organisation Theory23.0
Optimization Theories and Methods23.0
Organizational Behaviour23.0
Business Relations Psychology23.0
Foreign Language23.0
Fundamentals of Logistics23.0
Information Technologies 123.0
Information Technologies 223.0
Latvian Language23.0
Professional Business English46.0
Sales Management23.0
Social Psychology and Sociology23.0
Standardization and Quality Control23.0
Taxes and Taxation23.0

Block C - elective courses

Subject of Free Choice46.0


TSI is entitled to make up to 20% of the content and hours of the program.


Alumni testimonials


Fundamental knowledge..

«Management science program helped me to develop my skills in rationalizing, analytical reasoning and self-performance. By the end of the studies, fundamental knowledge of statistics, economics, management and information technology was gained. Achieved degree BSc in Management opened all horizons and doors to world-known universities and I was accepted for Master’s Program in Economics at the University of Milan. At the moment I am studying for my Double Degree Diploma in Economics in Belgium at the University of Louvain».

Veronika Lukoperova


Optimal solutions to any problems..

Thanks to the skills and confidence gained in TSI, in less than a year I managed to show myself and grow from an office administrator to a coordinator of business projects.  TSI is a place where people are taught to think for themselves and come up with more optimal solutions to any problems.  I am grateful to TSI and all its staff for spending time together.

Alina Liplanska

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