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Alumni Reunion - Let the Tradition Continue!

On 31 January 2015, festive mood reigned in the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI). According to the tradition, the last Saturday of January is the day when the Institute welcomes not only the students but also the alumni inviting them to attend the Reunion.

The Classes of 2000, 2005 and 2010 were the most welcome guests since this year has became a special, anniversary year for them!

The official part of the event was started by the speech of the Rector of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute Igors Graurs and Pro-Rector for Science and Development Irina Yatskiv. Their speech about the most noted events of 2014, achievements of the students and instructors in the scientific and academic life, how they worked and rested, and many other things was filled with emotions and enthusiasm.

The guests of the Event were pleasantly surprised by the ceremony of presenting the Honorary Award Pride of TSI, rewarding of the winners of the photo contest for the alumni and other not less pleasant surprises!

The honourable title Pride of TSI was bestowed to: 

Professor of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute Igor Kabashkin – „For the longstanding, honest, devoted and highly professional activity in TSI”,

The alumnus of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute, head of the company and YaKlass Valeriy Nikitin – “For the creative approach and achievements in the professional activity glorifying the alumni of TSI”,

Director of the company X-Infotech Sergey Eliseev – “For the dedication and successful activity in supporting and educating the students of TSI”,

Director of the First Baltic Channel Oleg Solodov – “For the unbiased coverage of the events in the life of TSI and for the objectivity and high professionalism in the work”.

The results of the photo contest on Facebook My Student Years…. were summed up. Alina Mayorova whose photograph got the largest number of likes and occupied the honourable first place became the winner. Vladislav Zagrebin's photograph was bestowed the People's Choice Award.

Congratulations to the winners!

After the official speeches and solemn ceremonies, the guests of the Event were invited to the Wall of Fame to make a collective photograph, and then to the Tea Party where in the warm and friendly atmosphere the alumni communicated with each other and the teachers. Everyone could walk around the near and dear Institute, peek into the audiences in which they had spent so much time, where hitting the books was so hard, where they not only studied but also communicated, laughed, argued and sometimes even shed tears. These are bright recollections now, something everyone wants to return to and relive again.

Many warm, sincere and heart-warming words sounded at the Event. Smiles, embraces and joyful faces were everywhere!


Photographs made at the Alumni Reunion may be viewed below in the photo gallery.

Goodbye for now!





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