Actual Problems of Education. 20 - 21 February 2014. Inter-higher School Scientific and Educational Conference | TSI

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Actual Problems of Education. 20 - 21 February 2014. Inter-higher School Scientific and Educational Conference


Main Discussion Topics

  • Modern forms and methods of control and assessment of learning outcomes
  • Monitoring of students` satisfaction with quality of educational services
  • Distance learning experience: problems, prospects
  • Topical issues of modern theory and methods of teaching in higher education institutionsRole of science in development of academic programmes
  • Innovative project-research and experimental activities in educational institutions
  • Theoretical and methodical foundations of the education continuity (school-university)
  • Professional training of future specialists and ways of its perfection
  • Information technologies in education

Official languages of conference

Official languages are Latvian, Russian and English.  Abstracts have to be submitted in English (in a proper English scientific style).

Instructions for Preparing Abstracts

Important dates

Submission of abstracts: 2 February 2014

On-line registration of Conference participants

Registration of the conference participants and downloading their files into the information base are performed in a particular order. Your personal data are followed by the information on the presentation. And then files with your abstracts and reports/papers are downloaded on the site (

Organizer of Conference

Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI), Riga, Latvia

Organizing Committee

Chair: Boris Mishnev, professor, TSI

Vice-Chair: Ishgaly Ishmuhametov, Assistant Professor, Head of Department of Social Sciences and Law, TSI

Vice-Chair for Organizational Issues: Natalia Podolyakina, Assistant Professor, Vice-chancellor for Economic Affairs, TSI

Secretary: Elena Rutkovska


  • Alexander Grakovski, TSI
  • Georgy Utekhin, TSI
  • Julia Stukalina, TSI
  • Nadezhda Fil, TSI
  • Ilona Ozolina,TSI
  • Olga Dovidova, TSI

Programming Committee

  • Svetlana Shemyakina, Chairman of the Supervisory Council of the joint stock company “Transporta un sakaru institūts”  (Riga, Latvia)
  • Igor Kabashkin, Professor, The President, the member of the Board of the joint stock company “Transporta un sakaru institūts” (Riga, Latvia)
  • Irina Yatskiv, Professor, The Acting TSI Rector, (Riga, Latvia)
  • Eugene Kopytov, Professor, Head of the Software Engineering Department, TSI
  • Boriss Misnevs, Professor, the Software Engineering Department, TSI
  • Alexander Grakovski, Professor, Dean of Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunication, TSI
  • Irina Kuzmina-Merlino, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Management and Economics, TSI
  • Alexander Medvedev, Professor, Head the Department of Aviation Transport, TSI
  • George Utehin, Assistant Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Transport and Logistics, TSI
  • Gennady Gromovs, Associate Professor, Head of  Department of Transport and Logistics, TSI
  • Alexander Stetjuha, Professor, Head of  Department of Economics, TSI
  • Anna Palma, Lecturer, the Social Sciences and Law Department, TSI
  • Lucija Rutka, Professor,  Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art, LU (Riga, Latvia)
  • Boriss Tsilker, Professor, the Electronics and Telecommunications  Department, TSI
  • Larisa Kuzmenko, Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, TSI
  • Ilze Sproge, Head of Department of Management,  TSI
  • Alexander Krivchenkov, Assistant Professor, the Electronics and Telecommunications Department, TSI


Transport and Telecommunication Institute (Riga, Latvia)
1, Lomonosova, Riga, Latvia
Phone +371 67100619, Fax +371 67100619

Participation in Inter-Higher School Scientific and Educational Conference:

personal or distant for foreign participants.

Conference Fee:

For lecturers, specialists of educational institutions of Latvia and other countries – 30 euro, for TSI lecturers and employees – 7 euro.



Banking Details:

AS “Transporta un sakaru institūts”


Lomonosova 1, Rоga, LV-1019

AS Swedbank


Konts LV06HABA0551032952167




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