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Accenture invites interested parties to apply for winter training and practice in the field of information technology (IT)

28 November 2018.
Information prepared by Sanita Kalve.

IT company Accenture invites all interested parties to apply for winter training and practice at Accenture Bootcamps to get basic knowledge and skills in the field of information technology in order to start a career in the IT industry. The training will last 1-4 weeks and is free of charge.

Training is part of a staff selection programme after which the most successful participants will get a certificate and paid internship at Accenture. Most or 90% of trainees become employees of Accenture. During training imitating the day-to-day project work, the participants will gain practical, theoretical knowledge and learn to work in a team.

This winter, the company offers the opportunity to apply for 17 training courses so that everyone could find a suitable training programme – both people having knowledge of information technology and those who have strong communication skills. The first winter IT training will begin in late January and will last until March. Currently, more detailed information about the trainings is available at

Applications for IT training and practice at Accenture Bootcamps are sent not only by IT students and graduates but also by people who study or gain knowledge in the field of exact sciences, engineering, business, energy, transport, humanities or law. It was also observed that more and more girls apply for training; for instance, in the test training conducted by the company in summer the majority of the participants were girls.

To apply for winter IT-training, you must have basic knowledge of WEB-technologies and programming theory, understand the OOP concept, be able to write a simple SQL query. Applicants who have applied for training in IT consulting will be evaluated in terms of their analytical thinking and motivation to study taking account of good knowledge of MS Office (Excel, PowePoint, Project), ability to work with information and data, work independently and in a team. All classes will be conducted in English.

Accenture has been organising training and internship in programming for over ten years. Daily work is organised in small teams, and each trainee has a mentor. In the industry, Accenture provides the most or 230-300 paid internships per year.

To apply, please fill in the application form available at

Accenture is one of the leading IT companies in Latvia and around the world. Accenture is an international management consulting, technology and outsourcing services company. The company employs over 459,000 people serving customers in more than 120 countries around the world. Accenture Latvia branch was founded in 2002. The company currently employs 1,600 employees.

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