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2018 Robotics Tournament at TSI successfully completed

On 15 December 2018, Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) successfully completed the first stage of the 12th Latvian Robotics Championship. This year's tournament was special because the TSI robotics tournament was celebrating its 5th anniversary.
The tournament was attended by 34 robotics teams and 180 robotics engineers, and members of the Technical Creativity Club. 165 robots participated in the tournament in two categories and four disciplines (Followers, Labyrinth, Folkrace and Sumo).
As usual, our tournament embodied the Christmas spirit. Robot NAO, which participated in the tournament opening, gave special thanks to the managers and teachers of robotics clubs. As part of the tournament, traditional educational and entertaining events, contests and quizzes were held allowing both the participants and guests to compete.
The TSI robotics team also started the tournament with success. In total, 9 prize-winning places were won. In the Lego Followers competition, the three places on the winner’s podium were occupied by the robots of our team: Daniils Spica won the 1st place, Valerijs Koroļs and Kirils Ivanovs won the 2nd and the 3rd place respectively. In the Lego Labyrinth discipline, Germans Livjakovs and Romans Kainovs stood on the second and third steps of the podium. The robots built by Antons Minajevs and Mihails Jermakovs won the 2nd and 3rd places in the Lego Folkrace competition. In the Lego Sumo junior and senior student groups, Albert Matykhevich and Otto Vaškevičs won the 3rd place.
The best results of the tournament are as follows:
Followers discipline:
1st place – Lauris Šmeiksts (Preiļi Robotics Club)
2nd place – Artis Cveks (Preiļi Robotics Club)
3rd place – Patricija Reščenko, Ralfs Šņepsts (Preiļi Robotics Club)
Lego Followers discipline:
1st place – Danila Spica (TSI Robotics Club)
2nd place – Valerijs Koroļs (TSI Robotics Club)
3rd place – Antons Minajevs (TSI Robotics Club)
Folkrace discipline:
1st place – Edgars Bajaruns (Sigulda Municipality Innovation Centre)
2nd place – Matīss Buks (Preiļi Robotics Club)
3rd place – Edīte Meikulāne (Preiļi Robotics Club)
Lego Folkrace discipline:
1st place – Iļja Denisovs (Preiļi Secondary School No. 2)
2nd place – Antons Minajevs (TSI Robotics Club)
3rd place – Mihails Jermakovs (TSI Robotics Club)
Lego Labyrinth discipline:
1st place – Artjoms Dovgals, Diāna Bobriševa-Gončaruka, Jelizaveta Merkulova (Jelgava Secondary School No. 5)
2nd place – Germans Litvjakovs (TSI Robotics Club)
3rd place – Romans Kainovs (TSI Robotics Club)
Mini Sumo discipline:
1st place – Armands Upenieks (Preiļi Robotics Club)
2nd place – Uģis Bergfelds (Robot School)
3rd place – Aleksandrs Tikačovs (Robot School)
Lego Sumo discipline (aged 11 and younger):
1st place – Matvejs Petuhovs (Iecava Secondary School)
2nd place – Maksims Martinovs, Markuss Martinkus (Preiļi Secondary School No. 2)
3rd place – Albert Matykhevich (TSI Robotics Club)
Lego Sumo discipline (aged 12 and older):
1st place – Vasilijs Vilks, Manu Viktors Vilks (Jaundubulti Secondary School)
2nd place – Artjoms Dovgals, Diāna Bobriševa-Gončaruka, Jelizaveta Merkulova (Jelgava Secondary School No. 5)
3rd place – Otto Vaškevičs (TSI Robotics Club)
All tournament results are available here: https://robotic.tsi.lv/robotic/
We are very grateful to our tournament co-operation partners and sponsors, including Robot School, Academy of Young Engineers, International Innovation School, MikroTik, Bite, Datacom, IRobot, Accenture, Robotiem.lv, LEMONA and Robologic.
We are grateful for the help in organising and holding the tournament to: Matīss Dambītis, Edgars Bajaruns, Beata Šarga, Aldis Buks, Ģirts Čamanis, Jevgenijs Čačiks, Daniils Bindjukovs, Olegs Somovarovs, Artjoms Ivanovs, Artjoms Moskaļovs, Daniels Vabels, Pjotrs Fedotovs and Artūrs Avotiņš.
Many thanks also to the TSI Student Self-Government for work!
Congratulations to the winners and heartfelt thanks to the participants of the tournament!
See you next year!

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