2-nd International Specialized Symposium "Space & Global Security of Humanity" (SGS 2010). 5-9 July 2010 | TSI

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2-nd International Specialized Symposium "Space & Global Security of Humanity" (SGS 2010). 5-9 July 2010


The purpose of the symposium is to bring together academics and professionals from all over the world to discuss the themes of the symposium:

1. Space Exploration and Global Problems of Humanity and Modern Age.

2. Planned Profile for the International Global  Aerospace Monitoring System (IGMASS)

3. Technologies, Methods and Means for the Global Aerospace Monitoring of Natural and Man-Made Disasters and Emergencies.

4. Information Environment of IGMASS.

5.Partnership and Co-operation for Use of IGMASS Facilities.

6.Education and Training within the Frame of Space Exploration and Global Problems of Humanity.

The special focus of Symposium will be:

1.  Modern strategy of an outer space exploration in interests of the states of the North  Europe and Baltic Sea region (ecology preservation, safety of transportation of cargoes and preparation of experts in the field of space activity and applied use of its results, the prevention of emergency situations of natural and man-caused character)

2.  The project of Concept IGMASS:

The purposes, problems, requirements, shape, structure;
Methods, technologies and means of forecasting of emergency situations of natural and man-caused character;
Uniform information field IGMASS: use of navigating and telecommunication resources of system in interests of the decision of humanitarian problems (liquidation of consequences of force majeure, remote training, medicine of accidents and another);
Political, legal, organizational, financial and technical aspects of creation and use IGMASS.

3.  The organization of scientific researches with a view of technical realization of Concept IGMASS.

4. Session "Public Committee on support and advancement of Project IGMASS".

5. Meeting of working group "Disaster Managment / Natural Hazards".

27 July - Full materials of Symposium

Presentations of reports
Abstracts of Papers
Resolution of Symposium
Statute of the International Committee of the IGMASS Project Implementation

28 June - Programme of Symposium

Full version of Programme

20 December 2009 - First announcement 


30 May 2010 - Submission of abstracts

4 June 2010 - Acceptance of abstracts

30 April 2010 - Early registrations


Official web site of Symposium "Space & Global Security of Humanity"
Workshop "Globalisation of Transport Needs and New Transport Training Environment" 

Information source:


Greeting from the Mayor of Riga:

Globalization of economic processes in the modern world demands not only new principles of economic relations, but also qualitatively new systems of global monitoring of natural and man-made changes that have supranational character today and may become sources of irreversible processes for all humanity.  The „Space and Global Security of Humanity” Symposium is one more step on the way of understanding of the importance of decision of creating a common ecologic security of Space with the use of modern scientific achievements and aerospace technologies potential.

Riga always had its relation to space. Riga was a motherland of such great researchers as Fridrih Tsander and Mstislav Keldysh whose contribution to the development of astronautics cannot be overestimated

I am sure that traditional hospitality of our city and also the experience of conduction of many international forums will favour a productive work of the Symposium participants in solving problems of space research development and its utilization for the welfare of science and progress.

Nil Ushakov,

Mayor of Riga

Greeting from the President of the Latvian Academy of Science:

In the twenty first century understaning came that it is possible to solve the humanitarian problems of mankind by the mutual efforts of all countires of the world only.   It is a utilization of Space for prediction of natural and man-made disasters and emergencies including such important problem for Latvia as the country`s coastline status monitoring.  Observation of forestry, prevention of the barbarian deforestation and fire, on-line monitoring of hazardous goods traffic across the territory of the country from Space are extremely important.

The researchers of our country were taking and are taking part in solution of many scientific problems connected with Space and its utilization in peaceful purposes.   We are proud that such important event as the Second International Symposium „Space and Global Security of Humanity” takes place in our Riga. On behalf of the Latvian Academy of Science we congratulate sincerely the participants of the Simposium and wish them a successful work for the welfare of our planet inhabitants.

Juris Ekmanis,

President of the Latvian Academy of Science

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