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12 December – Science Day in TSI


Science Day will be held in the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) on 12 December from 12.00 to 18.00.

First –year students are welcome to actively participate in this event!

Science Day is a unique opportunity for students to open a door to the mysterious world of science and researches, to learn the ins and outs of programming and practical use of mobile and industrial robots, on equal terms with the teachers to participate in public lectures and heated discussions and also to have a glimpse of their future profession!

It will be interesting for everyone!

Remote Control of Railroad Traffic, Programming of the Mobile Robot Control System, Strategy for the Development of Transport in the Baltic Sea Region until 2030, A Human and an Enterprise. Conflict. Compromise. Symbiosis, demonstration classes in the laboratories of the TSI Telecommunications, Electronics and Robotics Centre – and this is a non-exhaustive list of the topics and events awaiting the participants of the Science Day.


Traditionally, the Annual International Conference Science and Technology – a Step to the Future will be the key event of the Science Day. The main goal of the Conference is creating a community of young scientists, PhD students and students of Latvian and foreign institutions of higher education as well as finding shared interdisciplinary scientific interests.


Additional information about the event, programme and terms of registration may be found here.


We are waiting for you, the inquisitive and talented!

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